Inspiring courage: An interview with UN's Fabrizio Hochschild

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Sergio Vieira de Mello, former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is a role model  of mine. He believed that one should follow the "inner flame" which burns within us to seek our true potential in promoting peace and making a difference. Sergio always followed that flame and it is a deep pain to believe he no longer is with us, having been killed in an attack to the UN headquarters in Baghdad, early in the Iraqi conflict.

Sergio was the person who inspired World Humanitarian Day, which is celebrated on the anniversary of his death. And Sergio will also continue to inspire the UN system and those who fight for world human rights and world peace through his legacy. So it was a great privilege and honour for me to have interviewed current UN resident Human Rights Coordinator for UNDP Colombia, Fabrizio Hochschild who had worked extensively with Sergio. The two were close friends and even when I spoke with him, in an interview I conducted for the UN think tank, Global Vision Institute, I could hear in his voice both the endearment and admiration he had for Sergio, in addition for the sorrow of his passing.

In the current UN system, courage is most definitely needed in effort to promote the values of the UN charter. I hope this interview inspires you as it did me.

You can read the interview by clicking here.

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On the 10th anniversary of Sergio's death, you can see here the commentary Fabrizio made in memory of his friend.

Sergio was a man who inspired - and one who chased the flame. Learn more about the man through the critically acclaimed HBO documentary "Sergio". 

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