Explaining the purpose of women's health in human rights

The debate for women's health rights is long overdue

Mothers in Ghana
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Women's health has been always considered a key talking point on the global developmental agenda. And rightly so - governments need to invest in development programs which cater to the betterment of women's healthcare via programs, initiatives, and partnerships so they can improve the overall livelihood for their female population. Few, however, have dared to consider women's health as a fundamental aspect of global human rights, under the umbrella of women's rights. 

I go over this in more detail in a post I wrote for my organisation entitled "Why women's health is a vital part of global human rights" and I invite you to give it a read and see how my organisation, ISUOG - as an agent for women's health - seeks to defend this right via its mission.

But is this idea far fetched? Certainly not. If we believe that human rights have three dimensions - the first being civil and political, the second covering social, economic and cultural rights, and finally the third being collective rights - then clearly there are a few targets which women's health rights hit. All genders should have quality access to healthcare and to give one gender priority over the other demonstrates a disregard for collective rights for healthcare which should be equal across genders and of quality. Additionally, it falls under social rights - women have the right to receive healthcare and to be taken care of, whether they are in the labor ward or in for an ultrasound scan, as healthy women are crucial for a country's own economic and social success.

Of course these views can be contested and I hope they are, but the discussion about women's health and its place in human rights are long overdue and if we can generate a buzz around this, then we are at least casting a light on a topic that is due for debate.

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To read more about my post for ISUOG and the role ISUOG plays in defending women's health as a fundamental right, you can check it out by clicking here.

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